The Calvert Photography Club met on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Gloria Occhipinti

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Featured Speaker

Our featured speaker today was a club member, Karl Barth, who spoke to us on “Understanding Your Camera Settings.”  So what’s inside a DSLR Camera? There’s an LCD Display (1), Sensor (2), Memory (3), Battery (4),
Flash (5), Shutter (6), and a lens (7).

There are two types of sensors – Full Frame and Crop.  Nikon has two: FX which is a full frame sensor and DX which is a crop sensor.  Canon has three:  Full frame, and two crop sensors - 1.3x, and 1.6x.

So what are the differences?  Well…full frame sensors are bigger and also more expensive but tend to give better quality images in low light situations. They also give photographers more options when it comes to wide-angle images.  This is advantageous when shooting architecture and landscapes. Crop sensors also provide excellent image quality but are less expensive.  They are ideal for shooting nature, wildlife, and sports because you can take advantage of the crop factor to get maximum detail at long distances.

When purchasing a lens, make sure it is compatible with your camera.  A full frame lens may work with a crop sensor camera, but it will work differently.  Also, it is important to keep the sensor clean.  If changing a lens turn the camera off and hold it downward so that dust and particles to not fall into the camera.  Some cameras have built-in sensor cleaners.  Check your manual!

Most cameras have various modes that you can shoot in including shutter priority mode, aperture priority mode, program mode, manual mode, and auto mode.  Though we may want to start out in auto mode, there are many advantages to stepping out of your comfort zone and trying other modes.  While shooting in auto mode may be easier, you may not always get the shot you want.  There is limited room for creativity since the camera does all of the work.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with other modes including manual mode!

So take control of your camera!  Read the manual.  Get familiar with the different control buttons.  Get out of auto mode and experiment with different settings.  Don’t be afraid of taking a bad picture.  Go on photo outings with the Photo Club.  There are people there of every skill level who will always be glad to help you so don’t be afraid to ask others for advice.  Take your camera wherever you go.  And practice, practice,  practice!

A good reference for understanding your camera settings is:

Club Business

The winners of the May photo assignment, “Can You See Me?” are 1st place – Rick MacQuade,  Beth Phifer, and 3rd place – Courtney Wright.



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