Membership meetings are currently held the third Saturday of each month and usually at the College of Southern Maryland Campus in Prince Frederick. Feel free to drop in on a meeting - membership is not required to join us at a meeting.

What is a typical meeting like?

Meeting activitiesIn a typical meeting we may discuss club business, have a featured presentation and share photos. Generally there are one or two featured presentations each meeting. Presentations vary in topic and sometimes include guest speakers. Some past presentations have included:

Through membership surveys we have identified many future topics as well. Some of the things on our short list for future meetings include:

  • Panning
  • Understanding Exposure
  • Calibration
  • Aperture (Software)
  • RAW or JPG
  • Light Modifiers
  • Panoramic photography
  • Cleaning a DSLR Sensor

Additionally your ideas and suggestions are always welcome - so please come join us!

Free and Inexpensive Alternatives to Adobe’s Creative Cloud (July 20, 2019) - Daunted by the prospect of paying annual subscription fees to Adobe in perpetuity for Lightroom and Photoshop? Prefer to remain in control in case the internet is down? Looking for simplicity or functionality that the Adobe products cannot provide? Black-belt cheapskate Bill Fletcher will show you his favorite solutions for Windows, Mac and Linux that meet your needs while avoiding financial servitude to Big Business. Other members are invited to contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for a place on the program to show off their favorite finds.

June Meeting: Show and Tell (June 15, 2019) - Bring up to 2 of your favorite pictures to share with the group. If you wish you can receive constructive feedback from your fellow members. Note new meeting location for the summer!

Lightroom Basics (May 22, 2019) - We will be having the Wednesday night meeting May 22, 2019 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Harriett Brown Community Center, room 118. Please come at 6:30 to help set up the room and stay to put chairs away.

Patty E. Hankins Fine Art Floral Photography (May 18, 2019) -

Patty Hankins has been named one of the top ten macro photographers in the world, and when you peruse her online galleries you will understand why. In recent years Patty has concentrated on photographing flowers, both on location and in the studio. In our busy, ever-changing world, she finds peace and beauty in the natural world of the Middle Atlantic Region. Whether she is photographing sunrise in Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge or a wildflower in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Patty seeks to capture the quiet beauty of a passing moment to share this moment with her viewers.

Each time she goes out with her camera, Patty experiences the joy of creating new images for others to enjoy. Many of the places she photographs are ones she first saw as a child on family vacations from the middle of the back seat of her parents’ car. In those days, photography was a way to record where she had been. Now she sees these same locations as places of beauty and inspiration.

Patty is constantly exploring nearby gardens and parks looking for another wonderful flower to photograph. As she photographs, she takes great care not to harm the flowers. Her goal is to leave the flower as beautiful for the next person who sees it, as it was when she found it. Patty knows she has created a meaningful photograph when viewers experience the same delight and wonder that she felt when she captured the image.

Patty and her husband, landscape photographer Bill Lawrence, are based in Montgomery County. They regularly offer workshops and field trips on photography and editing photographs.

Saturday Meeting: Padma Inguva “Photographing Sacred Spaces” (April 20, 2019) - padma-inguva.jpg

Padma Inguva’s passion for photography goes beyond her incredible love for photographing flowers. It extends and encompasses the architectural world and all its wonders, which include photographing places of worship, especially interiors. As a photographer and a student of Civil Engineering, she has managed to incorporate the two disciplines into an art form. Her appreciation of Neoclassical Architecture has led her to travel the world to capture some of its magnificent religious structures.

Program Description While countless photographers attempt to photograph churches, few succeed in capturing images that are as breathtaking as the churches themselves. The reason is - photographing the inside of a church is hard. It takes an unusual skill-set to capture the three-dimensional beauty, found in reality with such high dynamic range, and convey the same level of emotion in the two-dimensional plane of a photograph. In this program, Padma Inguva showcases her portfolio of images of places of worship, the equipment she uses, how she plans her visits, the research she does, proper etiquette to be observed while photographing, what settings to use when using a tripod vs shooting handheld, how to process the images after the capture to bring life to the images etc. See her portfolio at

Saturday Meeting, Rich Isaacman ‘Travel Photography: A Sense of Place’ (March 16, 2019) -

Rich Isaacman, past President and current Vice-President of the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis, will present Travel Photography: A Sense of Place. This is a general talk about using different aspects of travel photography — landscapes, street portraits, patterns and textures — to capture the emotional as well as the physical environments of our travel destinations. By breaking away from a narrow set of traditional "postcard" photos, we can recreate a rich set of memories and capture a fuller sense of our travels. The talk includes photos from about 15 countries.

Click here for a gallery of Rich's images!

Saturday Meeting ‘Leveraging Calvert Photography Club Social Media’ (February 16, 2019) -

Show your work! Leveraging Calvert Photography Club Social Media

At our February meeting CPC Social Media Coordinator Anik Sales will discuss CPC’s Instagram and Facebook sites, how to participate in club social media activities, the basic workings of FB and Instagram, using hashtags, etc. She will also discuss what is planned for the future to expand CPC’s social media presence. Bring questions and suggestions.

Lightroom Questions and Answers

Photo Assignment "BOKEH" (Narrow Depth of Field) - 2 entries per member

Calvert Photography Club Saturday Meeting (January 19, 2019) - The monthly meeting topic is “Show & Tell." Would you like some creative input? Do you have questions about improving your photos? Maybe you want to share your recent work with other photography enthusiasts?

Battle Creek Cypress Swamp (December 15, 2018) - Battle Creek Cypress Swamp

Featured Speaker: Jay Fleming

Saturday Meeting - Gary Peresta with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (November 17, 2018) - MEETING

10:00am - 12:00pm Saturday, November 17, 2018
College of Southern Maryland (Prince Frederick Campus), Meeting Room 236 115 Prince William Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
TOPIC: Gary Peresta, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center This month we welcome Gary Peresta with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Gary will share and discuss his photography from his work in the field.
About Gary
Gary has been working in global change/CO2 effects on the environment since 1985. Trained as an Ag Engineer, he worked with Peace Corp Jamaica and the USDA before coming to SERC in 1990, when he joined the CO2 group under plant physiologist Bert Drake. He has been working with the Biogeochemistry Lab continuing research on the effects of global change on the marsh ecosystem. He also does regular station manager stints at the Smithsonian lab in Belize. He plays bass and other instruments in many musical projects. He enjoys travel, especially when it can be combined with music and/or science!
PHOTO THEME: “Quiet Moment” Photos will be shared as we vote for November’s top 3 images.
4th WEDNESDAY MEETING – No Meeting Scheduled
December TRIP (12/1): ICE! At National Harbor
Please use .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to communicate with the club. Please see or contact Sandy Carr (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) to renew your club membership. Membership is $35 for adult and $45 for family. CPC HATS with EMBROIDERED LOGO ($18) are available for purchase at Saturday’s meeting!

Saturday Monthly Meeting (October 20, 2018) - Location: CSM Prince Frederick in room 237. Sharon Shifflett will be running the meeting. This month’s subject/topic is going to be discussing the status/future of the Calvert Photography Club.

TOPIC:  Jeff Smallwood (September 15, 2018) - ***WEATHER INFO***

As of right now, the club meeting is still scheduled for this coming Saturday but I will continue to monitor the news about Hurricane Florence.
If the meeting is canceled, I’ll let you know ASAP.
10:00am - 12:00pm Saturday, September 15, 2018
College of Southern Maryland (Prince Frederick Campus), Meeting Room 236 115 Prince William Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

See calendar for event details