Barns - Gallery

Barns - they’re a part of America’s landscape and a very common site in the southern Maryland region. Many looks like they are barely going to stand another day and others have weathered shells but stand strong. Some barns are still in use today for the farms across the nation.  Barns make a great subject for photography - weathered wood, beautiful settings and lots of character.  This gallery features images of barns taken by several members of the club.

Snowy barn at sunset by Guy Stephens Snowy barn by Guy Stephens HDR Barn image by Bill Conway Sunflower barn in HDR by Bill Conway Black and white snowy barn in Sunderland by Guy Stephens Southern Maryland snowy barn by Margo Shrieves HDR field and barn by Bill Conway Barn image from Bill Conway HDR Barn by Jeff Smallwood Barn in HDR by Bill Conway Foggy barn image by Jeff Smallwood Barn tools by Bill Conway At the Calvert Marine Museum by Guy Stephens Barn at Hutchin's pond by Guy Stephens

All images should be considered copyrighted unless otherwise specified. Inquires should be directed to the credited photographer.


I loved all the photos, I recongnized some. Good work everyone.

Comment from Thelma Bozzi on October 16, 2011

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