Reflecting on the past year and looking towards the New Year

Karl Barth

Posted January 21, 2013 in: Ideas 

Much to the disappointment of the Mayans, 2013 arrived and is well underway. I hope everyone is having a safe and happy start to the New Year. The annual tradition for most folks is to make New Year resolutions. Have you made any photography related resolutions? If so, have you already broken them or you sticking with those resolutions?

As I reflect on the past year, I remember deciding to set goals rather than resolutions for the upcoming year. Goals, at least to me, seem to have more value than a resolution. When you set and reach a particular goal you get some satisfaction in knowing you worked hard to achieve it. With resolutions you have intentions but don’t necessarily following through with them.

My goal for last year was to get out and take more pictures; after all if you want to be a better photographer, you will only get better by taking more pictures right? I read several articles talking about 52 week or 365 day projects. That means you either take a picture every week or every day. I decided to try the 365 day project but stopped after 4 days because it was really hard getting motivated to take a picture of something every day.

After giving up on the 365 day project, I started looking into joining a photography club. I looked into the various area clubs but the ones I saw looked intimidating to me. Thanks to the power of social media I found the Calvert Photography Club and the rest is history. I’ve enjoyed the monthly meetings along with photo trips. Along with the way I’ve taken more pictures and I feel I’m getting better. I’ve learned a lot more about photography thanks to the main topics along with the critique assignments.

One of Karl’s shots from the 365 project

As we get more in 2013 I’m excited for the year ahead. I’ve started a 365 day project again. This time however I’m going to stick with it. You can check out my progress on Flickr. Thanks to fellow club member Robbin Haigler she provided a site, that gives suggested assignments for each month. I’ve had to use that site on several occasions for ideas.

If you’ve set a resolution or goal I hope you stick with it. If you are not sure about photo projects check out for some ideas or inspiration. Mostly importantly take lots of pictures!

About Karl Barth - Karl is a husband and father of two kids. He loves photography and shooting whenever he can. He runs Karl Barth Photography. His site is


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