November Photo Club Meeting 2016

Gloria Occhipinti

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Guest Speakers:

Our guest speakers today were club members, Karl Barth and Sandy Carr who gave us a presentation entitled “Shutter Speed:  Getting More Creative”.  The emphasis of this presentation was to get us to try something different.  Karl explained that there are 6 ways to use shutter speed creatively:
1. Freezing the moment – this is accomplished by using a fast shutter speed therefore “freezing” something in motion.
2. Decisive Moment – an example of this would be a candid shot of something in motion such as an athlete in motion.
3. Low Light Exposure – This would involve using a low shutter speed and a tripod
4. Abstract and Blur – using movement to create a pattern of some sort.
5. Long Exposure – using a long exposure time to get a blurred or soft exposure such as of a waterfall, or spinning lights.
6. Panning – moving your camera along with the subject in motion therefore blurring the background.

Karl suggests using manual mode for these types of shots and gave us a chart of suggested shutter speeds which can be found at:

We then spent time photographing several different objects involving movement including: bouncing balls, objects dropped into water, a slinky moving down steps, and battery powered toy cars.

Karl Strawberries

Club Business:

A slide show was given by Sandy Carr featuring photos from a trip she took to Cape Cod.  The November photo assignment was “Black and White”.  The winner for this month were:  1st place – Brenda Schillaci,  2nd Place – Gary Scribner, 3rd place – Brenda Schillaci.  The December photo assignment is “Reflection”.

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