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Gloria Occhipinti

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Guest Speaker:

Our guest speaker today was Paul Mamangakis from the company Fracture.  Paul spoke to us from the Fracture office in Gainesville, Florida via Skype and gave us a virtual tour of the facility.  The site for Fracture is at  The .central concept of the company is that you upload your images to their website, and they will print them for you directly on glass combining the picture, frame and mount into one beautiful, lasting product!

The company started in 2008 by two friends, Abhi Lokes, and Alex Theodore.  The entire company is web-based and currently employs approximately 35 people.  Fracture has grown and changed many times over the years as they have adapted the business to the needs of their customers and the market.  But their vision is clear: “to make printing as customized and personal as the pictures themselves and to make decorating as easy and exciting as taking the picture.”

The process is this:  you upload your image to the website, choose the size, and place your order.  There are eight sizes to choose from – five rectangles and three squares, all in a 4:3 ratios to cater to smartphone images which many clients take.  The website even tells you if the resolution of your image is too low for the size you have chosen. They will then print the picture on pure soda lime glass using an inkjet process, add a 2nd layer of white ink behind the photo, and add a foam core backing complete with keyhole and wall dog screw for hanging.  They ship it to you in environmentally friendly packaging ready to be mounted on your wall!  Every Fracture comes with a Happiness Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.  If the product is damaged at all, or if you are dissatisfied with the final result, Fracture will work with you to get what you want, and they will reprint it for you at no extra cost.  The ink used is UV cured so should never fade.  The care and maintenance of the product?  Paul says you can clean it with a household glass cleaner.

There is also an Art Store online from which you can choose many popular images.  Club member Debbie McIntosh brought in some of her beautiful Fracture prints for us to see.

Club Business:

The May Photo Assignment was “Food Lovers”.  This month’s winners were: 

3rd Place – Sandy Carr

2nd Place – Brenda Schillaci

1st Place – Tammi Gorsak.

Next month’s photo assignment is: “Light Trails.”

A slide show entitled “Women of the Former Yugoslavia” by Jim Rogers.

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