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Lisa Snider

Posted June 18, 2012 in: Meetings 

On Saturday, June 16, 2012, the Calvert Photography Club met for its monthly meeting. We began the meeting with New Business, as presented by President Guy Stephens. TAG Galleries, headquartered in Baltimore, MD, contacted Guy to offer the club an opportunity to work with them. They promote the work of local artists and photographers, and offered the club a discount on their printing services. Samples of their work, as well as a pricing list, were made available at the meeting.

The Solomon’s Island summer exhibit is now on display. Seventy-two images were submitted, and 6 were selected. The exhibit will be up from June – September. Guy presented a very nice slide show of all 72 images, and thanked everyone for their participation. The call for entries for the fall exhibit will occur in September. Information for this will be provided at the end of the summer.

Bonnie provided the Treasurer’s report. After voting on the matter at the Board of Directors’ meeting, the Board decided that the club would reimburse Guy for his expenses for the 2 years’ cost he incurred for web hosting of the club’s web site. He invoiced the club, and after payment to Guy. Bonnie also reminded everyone that the snack sign-up sheet is available – we have a volunteer for the July snack, but are looking for volunteers for the months which follow.

Spencer provided an update on the club’s lending library, indicating that the “on-line” members section of our web site is in the process of being brought up to date, and should be completed soon. Available to borrow is a new title, “Adobe Photoshop CS6.” See Spencer if you are interested in borrowing this new book.

In Other Business, Guy advised that plans for the fall workshop are underway. There will be beginner’s topics, as well as an advanced topic for club members. Also underway is a new search for meeting space for the club, which is growing in size. Robbin has agreed to spearhead the new search. Any ideas club members may have should be suggested directly to Robbin. Ideally, we are looking for a free, permanent, centrally-located home (with Prince Frederick viewed as the central location).

Finally, Guy brought in a copy of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce book, which was recently published.  Members who were interested submitted photos, some of which were selected for publication in the book, and were given photo credit in exchange for their use. 
Jeff talks LightroomToday’s meeting topic was “Lightroom,” presented by Vice President Jeff Smallwood. Jeff began the discussion by outlining some of the similarities and differences between Lightroom and Photoshop CS. Both programs have a plug-in structure, and work with RAW files. In fact, in the newest version of Lightroom (4), the RAW processing power has been greatly enhanced, and now rivals that of the latest version of Photoshop, CS6. 

Lightroom offers a library system for cataloging and finding your photos; Photoshop CS does not. Lightroom offers editing capabilities, but not the ability to create and manipulate layers, as Photoshop CS does.

Edits done in Lightroom are non-destructive; you can go back to your original image at any time, and easily try different effects and toggle back and forth between your original, and multiple, edited copies.

Photos are initially imported into Lightroom and the Library Module. Keywords, as well as development presets, can be applied to entire groups of photos upon import.

After importing, the processing begins in the Develop Module. There are many keystrokes which can be used to streamline the development process, and memorizing just a few of the basic ones are a great time saver over using the mouse in your workflow.

Photos may be viewed in the Grid view – multiple photos at once – or in the Loupe view – one individual picture at a time. Jeff demonstrated via the sliders how to do some basic photo adjustments, including cropping, and suggested that sharpening be the last adjustment that is done. 

When performing photo adjustments, each adjustment is listed in the photo history. To save a series of adjustment steps at a given point in the process use the “snapshot” feature.

In completing the picture of Jeff’s workflow, after he has finished processing all of his pictures, he Exports them out of Lightroom into a new folder in a new location, for eventual printing or posting on-line.
In closing, Jeff offered that if there was continued interest in learning about Lightroom 4, he would host an on-line learning session, as he has done in the past.

After a break for fruit, cupcakes and drinks, we continued with our meeting, discussing upcoming events. Robbin mentioned the sunrise Flag Pond field trip, which will be held on July 7th. A headcount of those planning to attend must be obtained by June 22nd, and a sign-up
sheet was circulated at the meeting, for those knowing they will attend. For those that did not sign-up at the meeting, please let Robbin know if you are planning to attend, via e-mail.

Our next photo assignment is “Taste of Summer,” to be interpreted as members see fit. Our next regular meeting, in July, will feature new club member Daniel as our speaker discussing “Using Natural Light.”

Our September meeting will be held at the Prince Frederick campus of CSM, and will feature guest speaker Cameron Davidson, who specializes in aerial photography. Club members will be asked to also RSVP to this event, so that an accurate head-count can be obtained for this meeting.

In closing, to follow-up on the success of our critique segment at the last meeting, 6 club members volunteered their images for this month’s assignment, “Red.” The 6 images were projected for the club to see, and a critique session of each photo was led by Jim and Jeff, followed by comments by the club.

About Lisa Snider - Lisa is a passionate photographer who loves nothing more than picking up her Canon camera and heading out to see and capture her world. She took her first photographs using her Dad?s Kodak Instamatic film camera at age 10, and has been telling stories with her pictures ever since.


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