June 2015 Meeting

Gloria Occhipinti

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The June meeting was called to order by our President, T.O. Galloway.

Guest Speaker:

Our guest speaker for the June 2015 meeting was club member Mike McWilliams who spoke to us on the topic Sharing Your Images Via Social Media.  photo from Mike MacWilliams

Basic tips for sharing photos on social media:

- Upload low resolution only to avoid having your images stolen
- Use watermarks
- Remember, once on the Internet, always there!
- Remember privacy settings – make it public for mass viewing, or private for friends and family only.
- If you want your photo to get more views, engage people.  Share on pages of public figures or groups.
- Pre-size image for wallpaper or other intended uses.
- Add links to your website for reference.
- Run contests or offer tips for more shares
- Use “tagging” and “#hashtags” for more visibility – this is a good way to draw attention to a certain subject.


This is a website which allows you to both display your photos and have discussions with those viewing your work.  You have your own page on which to post your work, but you can also post your photos to various groups, both public and private, for more visibility.  It allows you to connect with groups based on different interests, as well as with other individual photographers whose work you wish to follow.  By following other photographers, or just clicking on the Explore button, you can get all sorts of ideas!  Further features include mapping the location of photos, tagging photos for increased visibility, and setting the copyright for your photos. 


This is a great way to promote a business.  The business version of Facebook includes ways to track and research who and how many people are seeing your photographs as well as when the most people are viewing your page.  You can view the breakdown of sex, age, location, and language of your viewers.  You can also follow other people, businesses, or groups.  You can send an invitation to people to “like” your page and can set up the page in a format that works best to promote your business.  And you can post albums of pictures of a particular event.  You can also schedule posts to appear at different times of the day or week depending on when the most followers are online.  The more people “like,” comment on, and share your photos, the more it will show up on their homepages and the more views it will get.  It is also a good idea to share your business page to your personal page.  In addition, you can pay Facebook to have your page shared more.  Tagging people also increases views.  There are numerous options to manage pages including a profanity filter, how comments are displayed, and age restrictions. 


This is a great website for saving ideas and using as a business tool to show your ideas to clients.  It is basically a virtual bulletin board that allows you to “pin” ideas found on the Internet, or you can upload your own photos.  You can have “boards” on any number of subjects for which you wish to collect ideas.  Each time someone “pins” something from your webpage it links back to your website for easy reference.  You can search for a specific subject and also follow other people’s pins.  Your boards can be either public or private. 


This is a website/mobile app which is used mostly for pictures.  Basically, it is all about photography!  You can hashtag when uploading photos so that they can be searched and therefore gain more visibility.  You can “like” or comment on photos and follow other people’s posts as well.  When uploading from your smartphone there is an option to add different effects and filters, as well as other editing features.


This is a website that is mostly for quick messaging using a limited number of character; however,  pictures can also be posted.  Hashtags can be used and topics can be searched, as well.  You can also find out what is trending.

New Business:

Sandy Carr presented a slide show on the Lonaconing Silk Mill.

The June photo assignment was “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”.  Photos were submitted by Nick Iascone, Sharon Shifflett, Debbie McIntosh, and Tammi Gorsak.

Photo Assignment for July
from TO Galloway

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