February sunrise at the Cove Point Lighthouse

Lisa Snider

Posted February 05, 2012 in: Announcement  Photo Trips 

Photo by E. Guy StephensAs I stood on the beach in the predawn darkness, the cold wind biting my cheeks and hands, I looked off over the sand and water toward the horizon, where I saw ribbons of color appear. I stood in great anticipation, my Canon camera poised, waiting for the sun to rise. This was exciting - I would bear witness to the dawn of a new day, but in an entirely new way - a sunrise over the water - my first such experience. It wasn?t long before the sky brightened, and came alive.  Shades of pink, blue and orange hues set the skyline ablaze.  The colors changed by the minute, the scene was spectacular. Everywhere I looked, was a scene worthy of a postcard - the sun peaking out over the horizon, its reflection in the water then quickly rising, as though someone were pulling the cords on a shade to reveal its brillance.

As the darkness lifted, a veil of warm light drew down over the lighthouse, lightkeepers house, and fog signal building. I could not press the shutter button on my camera fast enough. “Thank goodness we are in the digital age,” I said - “I would have run out of film a long time ago.”

This was the scene at our early-morning sunrise shoot at Cove Point Lighthouse in Lusby, on Saturday, February 4. The Cove Point Lighthouse was built in 1828, and is Maryland?s oldest, continuously operating lighthouse.  While this shoot required me to rise early in Waldorf to make the trek down to Lusby (I was up by 4:15 a.m.), it was well worth it. The experience was a memorable one - the images I saw and recorded will be forever etched in my mind.

Photo by Lisa SniderWe had a wonderful turnout of both current and prospective members at the Lusby Park and Ride, and everyone was in good spirits, despite the early hour. We drove caravan style down to the lighthouse, parked, and then everyone scattered. In the early morning darkness, all that could be seen was the flash of camera bulbs - the only sound ? the clicking of shutters.  As the light ushered in a new day, shooters with tripods could be seen all around, littering the beach and grounds. Members enjoyed mingling with one another in between shots, sharing both photography tips and fellowship. Experienced shooters offered advice on aperture and shutter speed to those wanting to learn.  It was a fabulous trip, enjoyed by all.

Check out our photographs on our Flickr page, and join us on our next outing, the first Saturday in March. Until then, Happy Shooting!

About Lisa Snider - Lisa is a passionate photographer who loves nothing more than picking up her Canon camera and heading out to see and capture her world. She took her first photographs using her Dad?s Kodak Instamatic film camera at age 10, and has been telling stories with her pictures ever since.


Lovely photos and a great blog post, I felt like I was there.

Comment from Katie Snider on February 05, 2012

Great article Lisa! Thanks for sharing your experience - certainly a great trip!

Comment from Guy Stephens on February 05, 2012

Thank you so much for the fantastic article! It was such a fun day!

Comment from Margo Shrieves on February 06, 2012

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