Book Review: The Digital Photography Book Part 4

Robbin Haigler

Posted April 16, 2012 in: Reviews 

The Digital Photography Book - Part 4
The step-by-step secrets for how to make your photos look like the pros!
Author: Scott Kelby
Published By: Peachpit Press

Scott Kelby dishes out another round of “this is what I would tell you if you and I were out shooting, where I answer questions, give you advice, and share the secrets I’ve learned just like I would a friend—without all the technical explanations and techie photo speak”.

Scott KelbyThis book really is just that - plain talk, straight answers and usable advice for the beginner and not so beginner photographer.  I’m more the beginner type and have thoroughly enjoyed all four of these books in this series.  Some more than others, some parts more than others.  But that’s the beauty of Scott Kelby’s style - little mini lessons on each page.  The reader can pick and choose exactly what it is they are now ready for in their own personal learning curve.  

The twelve chapters in Part 4 cover a full gamut of photo how-tos, including, shooting people, using hot shoe flash, setting up a studio, and tips on lenses.  Do you need tips on shooting in natural light, landscapes, travel photos or sports?  They’re in here along with information on shooting and processing HDR and DSLR video.  The author wraps up with tricks of the trade for making your shots look better and the popular ‘photo recipes’ to help you get the shot.

I enjoy Scott Kelby’s format in this series - every page is a concept and mini lesson within topic; the easy read and humor facilitate my kind of learning.  I especially enjoy the missing techno babble and truly appreciate the straightforward ‘do this, this and this’ for any subject of immediate interest.  There are parts in it that I have not read yet because I really am not ready for that particular subject.  But it is wonderful to know that when I am ready, I know where to go to get the information that I need.  Part 4 is a wonderful resource book finding a home in my photographer’s library and I’m sure it will be appreciated in yours.

Overall Rating: 5 Star (5 out of 5)

About Robbin Haigler - Arts and crafts have been a part of Robbin all her life ? just ask her husband or two sons about the next ?project?! Her husband is responsible for the outlet that photography has brought when he purchased her first digital point and shoot for Christmas in 2006. It?s just recently that she has decided to move out of ?auto? and really try to learn about photography with her newly purchased DSLR. Today, most of her photos are for her enjoyment and the other recenly found craft of digital scrapbooking. Her hopes are to improve and make it worth sharing with others through the opportunities that the Calvert Photography Club offers.


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