Book Review: Ten Photo Assignments to develop your photographic skills

Robbin Haigler

Posted December 16, 2011 in: Reviews 

Ten Photo Assignments
Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler
110 pages
Rocky Nook Inc
802 East Cota Street, 3rd Floor
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
ISBN: 978-1-933952-79-6

Ten Photo Assignments to develop your photographic skills has a title that immediately grabbed my attention and a general description that sounded like the perfect solution for a beginner photographer wanting to improve her photographic skills.  The general layout of 5 chapters with 2 assignments in each chapter appeared promising and very feasible.  My intention was to have a plan of action where I could put all my piece-meal learning into practice with ten practical lessons as promised in the title. However, it was not the case - it took me three times to get through the first chapter and two assignments, without ever completing the first assignment much less the other nine as a I forced myself to read the entire book and tried to make an attempt at the other lessons offered. 

Book coverThe author assumes you have a good working knowledge of your specific camera on the first page - I think that is asking an awful lot from most beginners and it only gets more technical as she progresses with the first lesson.  She has a recommended equipment list consisting of: a fully manual adjustable camera, tripod, handheld light meter, manufactured digital gray card, a zebra card, a model in a textured white shirt, sunny day, notebook and pencil, computer and photo management software to open files and evaluate exposures. Don?t you think that?s asking a bit much for a beginner? 

It is my humble opinion that this book is too scientific for most beginner photographers - most of the lessons were about calibrating the camera more than devoting any photographic skills.  Because of the technicality of information I do not recommend this book to beginner photographers but rather to those who want to understand the scientific aspect of photography and their equipment.  I?m afraid this book only gets 2 stars out of 5 because it failed to motivate this beginner - there?s better resources out there and I will make up my own ?Ten Photo Assignments?.

About Robbin Haigler - Arts and crafts have been a part of Robbin all her life ? just ask her husband or two sons about the next ?project?! Her husband is responsible for the outlet that photography has brought when he purchased her first digital point and shoot for Christmas in 2006. It?s just recently that she has decided to move out of ?auto? and really try to learn about photography with her newly purchased DSLR. Today, most of her photos are for her enjoyment and the other recenly found craft of digital scrapbooking. Her hopes are to improve and make it worth sharing with others through the opportunities that the Calvert Photography Club offers.


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