Calvert Photography Club chosen as Peachpit’s “User Group of the Month”

Guy Stephens

Each month Peachpit Press selects one User Group that has been deemed to have been exceptional in their communication with meeting updates, giveaway requests and book reviews and asks them to share some insights and tips with them. Previous groups have included the Sacramento Video Industry Professionals and the Austin Adobe User Group.  In November Peachpit Press featured the the Calvert Photography Club! 

Peachpit BlogI participated in an interview about the Calvert Photography Club with Keely Hild who asked a number of questions about our club.  Questions ranged from what type of format we use for our user group meetings to the opportunity to highlight an exception member.  This was a fun opportunity and great recognition for our club.  You can read the entire interview on the Peachpit blog.

Peachpit has been publishing top-notch books on the latest in graphic design, desktop publishing, multimedia, Web design and development, digital video, and general computing since 1986. Over the past few years Peachpit has grown to encompass several digital product offerings, such as eBooks, online video products, and Safari Books Online; as well as our first conference series. Our award-winning products feature step-by-step explanations, timesaving techniques, savvy insider tips, and expert advice for computer users of all sorts.

New exhibit at the Solomons Island Visitors Center

Guy Stephens

The Calvert Photography Club is proud to announce the opening of a new exhibit at the Solomons Island Visitors Center.  The club has been working with Joyce Baki, a Tourism Specialist with the Calvert County Department of Economic Development, to develop a “summertime” themed exhibit that displays photographs from several club members.  The exhibit is designed to promote the theme of summertime in Calvert County.

The club held a contest earlier in the year to select shots for the exhibit.  Over 40 images were submitted by club members and it was a difficult process to select the 5 images that best represented the theme of the exhibit.  The photographs selected for the exhibit included:

Photo by Allen Barth
Solomons Morning by Allen Barth

Photo by Sandy C. Carr
Fisherman at Dusk by Sandy C. Carr

Photo by Jeff Smallwood
Oysters at Daybreak by Jeff Smallwood

Photo by E. Guy Stephens
Marine Museum in Focus by Guy Stephens

Photo by Teddie Watts
Proud Angler by Teddie Watts

Below is a slideshow that features all of the shots submitted for the exhibit.  A very big thanks to all the club members that submitted photographs for this project - really a great selection of work!

The exhibit will be at the Solomons Island Visitors Center throughout the summer - I would encourage everyone to stop by and check it out. 

A special thanks to Sandy Carr for all her hard work leading to this great opportunity!

Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure lecture

Sandy Carr

Bryan Peterson, a well known photographer for 30 years and a teacher of photography for 20, gave a slide/lecture presentation at the Byrd Theater in Richmond, Va. First, though, a little history on this beautiful old fashion theater.Bryan PetersonThe theater was built in 1928. It was named after William Byrd who was one of the founders of Richmond. The first movie shown there was on Christmas Eve in 1928. It was a comedy called Waterfront and was a silent movie with sound added. At that time a matinee costs 25 cents and an evening show was only 50 cents. A dinner and movie in one night ? Wow !!

The Byrd Theater is listed as one of our nations Grand Movie Palaces, is a State and National Historic Landmark and to this day, the appearance of this theater is mostly unaltered. The Byrd is still an operating movie theater so on Fri., May 13th you can see “Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave” for only $5. Now back to our presentation.

On April 9th a few of our club members attended the lecture that Bryan Peterson gave. It started at 9 a.m. and ended at 4 p.m. with an hour break for lunch. I avidly watched his presentation, listening to his every word as slide by slide was presented on the large screen in front of us. Such colors, so vivid and sometimes wild. I asked myself, “Just what kind of a camera do you need to catch the kind of life that Mr. Peterson was showing?” Why wasn’t I seeing these colors? Were there other photo enthusiasts who thought the same way ? But that was exactly what his talk was all about. Learning to see creatively and understanding exposure ! Angles, lines, thirds, light, or lack there of, rainy days, fog, reflections (my favorite),imagination and learning to see differently. I learned how to not center my subject and produce a better photo. Do not put the horizon in the middle of your picture ! Na, break the rules, Peterson said. Change things if you can. Zoom in on the subject. It will make for a more interesting photo. Experiment when possible. The Bryd TheatherHe showed us how to imply motion on stationary objects which produced not only an interesting photo but art. He also showed us how to use fill flash in various situations and the amazing effects one can achieve when using neutral-density filters. He discussed how to soften water and freeze action and the effects that a polarizing lens would have on photographs shot either on a sunny, cloudy or rainy day. Front light, side light and back lighting was discussed. Each technique that Bryan Peterson presented was accompanied by a beautiful and vivid photo. I took copious notes and was glad that he shared with the audience the F stop, shutter speed and lens used for each photo. 
More of the theatherDuring the lunch break we were able to purchase any of the numerous books that Bryan Peterson wrote on photography. I purchased 2 and had him autograph them.
By the end of the lecture I was feeling more confident with my own photography. I’m sure I was not alone. Now, armed with more info and quite a few examples, I just might produce a photograph that is worthy of a few oohs and awes. And I will try and take Bryan Peterson’s advice. Enjoy what you are doing, don’t give up and practice, practice, practice.

Thank you, Bryan Peterson, for the eye opening lecture and thanks to the Richmond Camera Club for hosting the lecture.

Love photography and enjoy reading?

Guy Stephens

If so I have some great news!  The Calvert Photography Club is now part of the O’Reilly User Group ProgramO’Reilly Media is a well known name in the world of tech books and has some great titles related to digital photography.  O’Reilly is known for spreading the knowledge of innovators through its books, online services, magazines, research, and conferences. They are an active participant in the technology community and the company has a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism.

As part of the O’Reilly User Group Program our members will be eligible for special discounts and promotions.  O?Reilly also regularly donates books and other promotional items for raffles and auctions to help clubs raise money, or even for meeting door prizes.  We will also be able to get review copies of books if we agree to write a review and publish it on our website.  I am really excited about the potential of members reading and reviewing books.  It is a great way for our members to get new photography related books and to share what they learn with the club and beyond.

So are you interested in a free book to review?  Let me share with you some great O?Reilly titles:

PSE 9Photoshop Elements 9: The Missing Manual
By Barbara Brundage
Publisher: O’Reilly Media / Pogue Press
Released: September 2010

Elements 9 offers much of Photoshop’s power without the huge price tag. It’s an ideal tool for most image-editing buffs—including scrapbookers, photographers, and aspiring graphic artists. But Elements still doesn’t come with a decent manual. This bestselling book will help you get the most out of the program, from the basics to advanced tips for both Windows and Mac.

PS CS5Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-on-One
By Deke McClelland
Publisher: O’Reilly Media / Deke Press
Released: July 2010

Master the fundamentals of Photoshop CS5 with One-on-One, Deke McClelland’s unique and effective learning system. This book includes step-by-step tutorials, hours of video demonstrations, and lots of hands-on projects to help you improve your knowledge and hone your skills. Once you read about a particular technique, watch the video to see how it’s done—then try it yourself.

Why photos workWhy Photographs Work
52 Great Images: Who Made Them, What Makes Them Special and Why
By George Barr
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Released: December 2010

Every photographer, from amateur to pro, can learn by studying the “greats”. In Why Photographs Work, author/photographer George Barr analyzes 52 striking images by some of the world’s top photographers. Accompanying Barr’s analysis of each image is an explanation by the photographer describing the making of the image, including not only the how, but also the why. Also included is a brief technical description of the equipment used in making each image.

WordPressHead First WordPress (maybe you want to learn more about blogging)
A Brain-Friendly Guide to Creating Your Own Custom WordPress Blog
By Jeff Siarto
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Released: July 2010

Whether you’re promoting your business or writing about your travel adventures, Head First WordPress will teach you not only how to make your blog look unique and attention-grabbing, but also how to dig into the more complex functionality available on the WordPress platform. You’ll learn how to customize your blog with your own URL, templates, plugin functionality, and more.

If you?re are interested in reviewing these books or another O?Reilly title let me know and we will arrange to get the book for you.  This is a great opportunity please consider reviewing a book if you have time.

Club partners with Peachpit Press

Guy Stephens

The Calvert Photography Club is now a member of the Peachpit Press users group program.  Who is Peachpit Press you ask?  Peachpit represents an elite collection of the world’s leading computer book specializing in graphics and design, Photoshop and digital photography including our their, Peachpit Press, as well as New Riders, Adobe Press, Apple Certified, among others.  Peachpit Press has a great collection of digital photography books including books from some of my favorites from photographers such as Joe McNally and Scott Kelby.

Peachpit PressSo what benefits do we get from being part of the Peachpit Press users group program?  By registering our group, we’ll receive information on new and exciting releases, discounts on titles, information on special events and more.  As a registered users group we’ll get the following benefits:

  • Build a resource library with their free monthly book program (this will give us the ability to begin building a club library)
  • Discounted shopping at
  • Donations of promotional items for our meetings and special events
  • Peachpit products for review
  • Product updates and previews

What does Peachpit ask in return?  All they ask is that from time to time that we share our thoughts on what they are publishing, what technologies we’re using, or maybe how our group membership is changing and growing. 

We’re are also eligible to receive books for review and this is were I would like to see some members get involved.  If you are interested in reading some new photography books and willing to provide a short review for our blog let me know.  You would get to read a great book (free) and could tell our members what you think of it - a win for all of us.

Stay tuned for more information…

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