Monthly Meeting October 2015

Gloria Occhipinti

The October meeting of the Calvert Photography Club was called to order by our President, T.O. Galloway.  The photo assignment for October was “Resist”.  Photos were submitted by:  Robin Haigler, Sharon Shifflett, Tammi Gorsak, and Debbie McIntosh.  The photo topic for November is “Boo!” 

We then watched a slide show presented by Sandy Carr entitled “It’s All in the Detail” followed by a slide show from Tammi Gorsak with pictures from our picnic at Jug Bay in September. 

Our topic today was Be Flexible!  We divided up into groups of four to solve the following photo assignment.  Take pictures for each of the following:

Portrait – something suitable for a bio.
Product Shot – an illustration that could be used to sell an item.
Automobile – something that could be used for a car sales brochure.
Still Life – you’re starving and you need to sell this artwork to a gallery!

Each person was to shoot whatever they could find for the next hour and then as a group choose which photos best met the assignment criteria.  (It soon became evident that some groups worked better as a group than others!)  Here are the “winning” photos:

Portrait (by Debbie McIntosh) - photo by Debbie MacIntosh

Product Shot (by T.O. Galloway) - photo by T.O. Galloway

Automobile (by Tammi Gorsak) - photo by Tammi Gorsak

Still Life (by Sandy Carr) - photo by Sandy Carr