Longwood Gardens

Karl Barth

Longwood Gardens was the location for the club’s August photo trip.  The gardens are located in Kennett Square, PA and are not far from Philadelphia.  With the photo assignment being water, the gardens offered some incredible opportunities to capture the water.  The club meet up time was 9:30 but once inside the club members split up and explored the gardens on their own.

This was my first trip to the gardens but it also presented another proud moment for me.  It was my 7 year old daughter’s first photo trip.  She’s been begging me to take pictures and it gave her a great opportunity to do that.

by Karl BarthThe trip started off in the conservatory.  There were a variety of flowers to shoot inside and outside.  One of the things I struggled with inside the conservatory was my settings.  I always shoot in manual mode and I found myself constantly adjusting the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed to get a decent shot.  Some places within the conservatory didn’t have enough light even though there was glass ceiling. 

After spending about 2 hours in the conservatory, I, along with my mom and daughter, explored the rest of the gardens.  I was in complete awe with how huge the gardens were.  It was certainly the largest gardens I’ve been too and that meant a lot of walking.  Thankfully it wasn’t too hot or humid. by Karl Barth

I really enjoyed this trip.  The gardens were about a 2 ½ hour drive which was not too bad.  I’m already thinking of another trip up there.  The one thing I liked about the gardens is that there were plenty of benches to sit on and relax.  It allowed you to sit and enjoy the peacefulness and the beauty the gardens offered.  In addition, each part of the gardens offered some unique photo opportunities.  I was even able to get some water shots for the Karl Barth

If you are thinking of planning a trip for yourself, it’s not a far drive and the admission price is well worth it.  There are also different levels of membership offered to the gardens.  Check out their site at  .