St. Michaels and Oxford, MD

Brenda Schillaci

It was a gorgeous day in May for our photo trip to St. Michaels on the Maryland Eastern Shore.  A special assignment for this month was to get photos for a scavenger hunt, which will be shown in a slideshow during the next monthly meeting.  Hunt items included:  A War of 1812 Representative, A Harbor, A Step Back in Time, A Maritime Object, An Abstract, A Liquid Refreshment, An Antique, A Unique Gift, A Mode of Transportation, The Shoreline, A Treasure from the Sea, and A Local (extra credit for showing interaction with the local.)

We had a good sized group who met at St. Mary’s Square before heading out toward different points of interest.  Some of the group went to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.  Others headed for the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry to visit Oxford, MD. 

I was in the Oxford group.  The small ferry is believed to be the oldest privately operated ferry in the U.S.  After that short ride, we scattered around Oxford.  I never made it past 2 or 3 blocks from the ferry landing, stopping to look at a small replica building of The Oxford Custom House and then watching and photographing dogs playing in the water of a small beach (“The Shoreline”) by the Yacht Club, and finally visiting a small gift shop looking for a “unique gift” in order to get a photograph for the scavenger by Brenda Schillaci

Then it was time to get back and see some sites in St. Michaels.  Pam, Mike and I stopped at an interesting antique shop with plenty of choices for “an antique” photo, checked out an old church that is now a chimney sweeping business and then went the wrong way up the road to find some unique horse sculptures I had noticed on the drive in.  After that, it was back to St. Michaels to stop in at the distillery and the winery and the charming Rock, Paper, Scissors shop before meeting the rest of the group at The Crab Claw for dinner. 

After our yummy meal, it was off to the grounds of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum to see the lighthouse and the various other buildings and boats on the grounds.  We had hoped to photograph the rising of the full moon with the lighthouse as a focal point, but the low lying cloud layer foiled that plan.  We did see the moon after it had risen higher, just after we left the grounds to head for Claiborne Landing for sunset. photo by Brenda Schillaci

Claiborne Landing offered vantage points off two piers, a huge osprey nest, docked boats, and a spit of land with trees to use as foreground interest in our sunset photos.  The sunset was not spectacular, but it was very pretty with some pinks, purples and oranges low in the sky. 

All in all, it was a very successful photo trip and it was wonderful to have a larger group participating in this trip.  We hope to see all of them and all of you at our next trip to the Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center/C & O by Brenda Schillaci