Southwest Fireworks Festival/Cherry Blossom Festival

Brenda Schillaci

The April photo trip was to the Washington, D.C. waterfront for the cherry blossoms and fireworks. 

The cherry blossoms weren’t blooming, yet, however, although we had a breezy, comfortable day for wandering the festival.

by Brenda SchillaciWe did have a good time seeing the various activity booths for children, the boats, the interesting crowds, and, especially, the band Balta Mare.  I think we were all captivated by their violinist, Daisy Castro, and with some of the people dancing in front of the stage during their performance.  We had dinner at one of the many food wagons, and staked out our spots for shooting the fireworks. 

by Brenda SchillaciAs the sun went down, the temperature did, too!  Several boats were lit up, mostly in pink, in honor of the cherry blossoms.  I was very afraid I wouldn’t be able to get any good pictures of the fireworks, since I usually have problems with low light situations.  With advice from my fellow photographers, however, I was pretty pleased with my results! 

Please be sure to join us May 2, 2015, for our photo trip to St. Michael’s, MD.