Welcome the new board

Ursula Lawrence

This month’s meeting started with some updates on new club responsibilities, beginning with congratulations to our existing and new Board members for 2015:

  • President: T.O. Galloway
  • Vice President: Brenda Schillaci
  • Treasurer: Bonnie Bryant
  • Secretary: Gloria Occhipinti

Photo by UrsulaIn addition, Brenda will be taking over managing the Club’s library.

Bonnie also reminded the group that we will need volunteers to bring refreshments beginning February 2015, and that she will be collecting dues next month.  The fees for members are as follows:

  • Individual: $25;
  • Family: $35;
  • Juniors: $15.

Karl encouraged members to fill out the survey, as the results will determine next year’s meeting subjects and photo trips.

In lieu of a photo trip January 3rd, we will be conducting another mini-workshop, from 1:00-3:00 pm at the Calvert Library in Prince Frederick (rooms 1 & 2).  We are going to learn some fun techniques, including focus stacking, setting white balance, homemade filters, macro photography, and others.  Volunteers are needed for this event as well.

Our speaker for the January meeting will be Jeff Smallwood, and he will give a presentation on black and white photography.  Jeff is sure to have some amazing photos, so this presentation is not to be missed!

On January 28, Jeff will have a Q&A session at the Prince Frederick library, room 1, from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Photo by UrsulaUnfortunately, our scheduled speaker for this month’s meeting, Guy Stephens, was unable to attend, and instead we were treated to a short but very interesting presentation on focus stacking by Bruce Armstrong.  Bruce uses a camera on a rail system to take a series of photos at different intervals.  Those photos are then compressed into one photo, resulting in a photograph with increased depth of field.  Bruce uses an application called Camranger, which is can be tethered to the Ipad, Iphone, Canon, Nikon, PC/Mac, and Android.  Camranger will control camera and focus stacking functions.

After the presentation, we took a short break to say a formal farewell to Robbin Haigler, who will be leaving the club soon and moving out of the area.  Robbin has played and important an integral role in the Club by organizing events and photo trips.  Robbin, you will be missed and it’s going to be really hard to fill your shoes!!

Karl gave Robbin one of the Club’s logo sweatshirts, so that she will always have a reminder of us, and Guy’s wife Lisa made a very delicious and creative cake in honor of Robbin, and it was enjoyed by all. 

Karl then gave an overview of Lightroom, which we all found very useful and informative.

Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk

Brenda Schillaci

Five of us set out to photograph the Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk and other offerings in Alexandria despite predictions of rain all day.  The weather kindly cooperated before and during the parade and the rain held off.  The parade included pipe and drum bands, local and state politicians, several pet rescue groups, and re-enactment groups. The various Clans with their colorful tartans and the large number of wonderful dogs made for some nice photo opportunities.

Photo by BrendaAfter the parade we headed to the Campagna building for the indoor Christmas market.  The three floors of the building had booths selling items ranging from beauty care to Christmas ornaments to jewelry.  The various Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend events are done to raise money for the Campagna Center.

Then we headed over toward the European Style Christmas Market at Carlyle Square.  By then, the rain was getting a little more annoying so hats and umbrellas were needed.

The market itself was a little disappointing.  We had hoped for a bigger, brighter, nicely lighted and exciting place with good photo ops, but that wasn’t the case.  It was a rainy day, though, and still fairly early in the month – maybe a trip later in December on a nice day and after dark would be more productive!

Photo by BrendaIn heading back to the waterfront area, we split up and shot whatever caught our fancy on the way to the Torpedo Factory Art Center.  I did my best shooting from under my umbrella to try and capture some of the nicely decorated store fronts and had to stop in at Lavender Moon Cupcakery, as I always do when I’m in Alexandria.

The Torpedo Factory Art Center was worth a visit with three floors of artists using mediums such as sculpture, paint, photography, glass and fiber arts to create beautiful works!  It was colorful and whimsical.  A big draw for kids and adults alike was on the central staircase.  A carnival cutout with little Eskimo bodies by a penguin drew several people who had to pose in it just in the few minutes I stood there watching.

As always, check in on the Calvert County Photography Club Flickr page to see what caught the eye of the club members on this trip and to see other great photographs taken by our club members.