Street Photography with Carl Occhipinti

Ursula Lawrence

This month’s meeting started off with the treasurer’s report from Bonnie. 

Bonnie also reminded the group that we will need volunteers to bring refreshments beginning October. 

By Ursula Lawrence Our guest speaker this month was our own Carl Occhipinti, who gave a terrific presentation on street photography. You can see his photos on Flickr: lzguy76.

Carl’s interest in street photography was piqued while working as an undercover police officer for the MPD in DC.  Carl shared his insight on what street photography is, and what it isn’t.

Street photography is being in a public place where something catches your eye and your interest.  So you take a photo.  Street photography is not people posing; rather, there is a story in every photo that sparks an emotion, whether positive or negative.

Carl also shared some tips and caveats for being a successful street photographer:

  • Who can you photograph? If you’re in a public space (on the street or sidewalk), you can photograph people and use their photo.  You can also photograph anything that you can see from a public space.  That being said, shopping centers and malls are private property, as is their parking lot
  • Know where you are and who’s with you, be aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t be a paparazzi
  • Don’t be sneaky when photographing people, don’t hide.  Carl also advised not to photograph children
  • When you are abroad, you should make yourself aware of the privacy laws in that country
  • Street photography falls under the First Amendment

The member photo assignment this month was black and white, and following the presentation, we were treated to this month’s member slideshow by Robbin Haigler.

Our next trip will be on October 4 to Kenilworth Gardens.  The gardens open at 8:00 am, and there is free parking and no entrance fee.