Photography with David Blecman

Ursula Lawrence

This month’s meeting started off with the treasurer’s report from Bonnie. 

Bonnie also reminded the group that we will need volunteers to bring refreshments beginning October. 

Spencer gave us a brief report on the Club’s library; we have lots of new books, so please check them out!  Members may keep books for 2 months.

By Ursula LawrenceOur guest speaker this month was David Blecman, a professional photographer who specializes in food, fashion, model, product and architectural photography.  You can visit his website at the following link, and y,ou can also find him on

Mr. Blecman also leads photography workshops, and has trips planned to Assateague Island, Blackwater NWR, the waterfalls of the Poconos, and a Mediterranean cruise to Spain, Italy and France.

The very lively and entertaining presentation started off with a bit of advice:  Know and understand your equipment, and practice using it!

Mr. Blecman then shared with us how we go about food and product photography, namely:

Make sure you have the right exposure and the right color.  Use a light meter to nail the exposure, and adjust your white balance using an 18% gray target.

Determine your DOF – you want to ensure that the product you’re photographing is the main focus.

With food photography, certain colors affect the appetite.  Red, yellow and orange will stimulate your appetite, while blue and green suppress it.  So for instance, you don’t want to use a blue plate to showcase your food.

Use off camera light to add interest and texture to the food, e.g. side lighting, hair lighting, specular highlights, etc.

The member photo assignment this month was architecture, and following the presentation, we were treated to this month’s member slideshow by Tammi Gorsak.

The next evening meeting will be on Aug. 27, 7-9:00, at the Prince Frederick Library, and the topic will be Photo Editing.

Our club picnic this year will be on September 6 at the Navy Recreation Center in Solomon’s. Robbin has sent out the information for the picnic as well as a sign up sheet for food.