Photo Trip to the National Zoo

Brenda Schillaci

Unlike the last photo trip to the National Zoo (from what I’ve been told!), we had a gorgeous day for the trip this year.  Our weather for the day was warm with blue skies, puffy clouds and occasional slight overcast. 

Lion at the ZooMost of the animals were out and about as we wandered from area to area.  From cheetahs to pandas, flamingoes to sloth bears, elephants to lions, and many more land and water creatures, there was a lot for us to photograph. 

I spent most of the day with Robbin and Debbie and, sometimes, Ken.  We didn’t get to see much of the pandas, although other group members got some great shots. We did spend several minutes photographing the dramatic male lion, colorful flamingos, and playful otters, and we enjoyed the visiting “guests,” the Black-Crowned Night-Herons that visit to nest each year then move on.  The Reptile House was crowded enough that we turned and walked back out – maybe next time!

We spent over 6 hours in the zoo.  The morning hours weren’t very crowded, which made for ease of photographing the animals we saw.  We met up for lunch with the whole group (12 of us in all) in an air-conditioned cafe then moved on to exhibits we hadn’t seen in the morning hours.  There were crowds at most places we went to after lunch, so conditions were a little more challenging. 

If you haven’t been to this zoo, yet, be prepared for a lot of walking up and down hills as you enjoy a wide array of birds and animals.