From Lens to Life – Planning the Shot and Learning to Live

Ursula Lawrence

This month’s meeting started right off with Jeff Smallwood’s excellent presentation and slideshow on planning, persistence and patience, titled “From Lens to Life – Planning the Shot and Learning to Live”.  Jeff outlined some of the principles that he follows in order to produce his photos, narrowing them down to 10 lessons:

  1. Luck favors the prepared – Just do It!
  2. Have patience and use everything in your toolbox, e.g. the Photographer’s Ephemeris for planning your photo shoots
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Don’t let the weather get you down
  5. Go early, stay late
  6. Persistence pays off
  7. Don’t make predictions and make the best of what you’re given
  8. Learn your lesson, and pay attention to alternatives
  9. No matter what you expect, you probably aren’t alone!
  10. Sharing is its own reward
  11. Take the road less travelled
  12. Don’t forget to BE there yourself

Jeff also spoke about important considerations when going out to photograph:

  • Safety and emergency preparedness, e.g. first aid, food, water, cell phone, facilities
  • Be aware of the weather and be prepared to protect your gear and yourself
  • In regard to directions and timing, don’t over plan and be flexible
  • Online and offline maps
  • Your camera bag – what to take and what to leave
  • Be prepared, but expect the unexpected!

Following the presentation, we were treated this month’s member slideshow by Beth Graeme’s slideshow on boudoir photography.

Karl then spoke briefly about the Solomon’s Island Photo Exhibit, which will feature photos from Allen Barth, Mike McWilliams, Rachel Naber and Ursula Lawrence.

Next we had the treasurer’s report – our balance is $1914 with 65 paid members.

The next photo trip will be June 7, and we’re going to the National Zoo.  Be sure to get there early!  The zoo itself opens at 6:00 am.  Please let Robbin know if you’re planning to go.

Also, please do let Robbin know if you’re available to help out with the September trip, which will be our yearly picnic.  Volunteers are needed to plan and coordinate.  We also need volunteers to bring snacks to upcoming meetings.

The next evening meeting will be on May 28, 7-9:00, at the Prince Frederick Library, and the topic will be Camera Flash Basics.

Our next meeting will be June 21, and our guest speaker will be Lynford Morton.

Dumbarton Oaks Gardens Trip

Robbin Haigler

By Robbin HaiglerThe month of May always tends to be a busy one with Mother’s Day, graduations and weddings.  This year’s slow arrival of spring has also meant delayed yard and garden work for many of us.  I’m sure this all played a role in our small attendance for the Club’s May 2014 Photo Trip to the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens.  We were small in numbers with only 7 in attendance but my what a beautiful (and long) day we had.  The exercise we received was a bonus!

The Occhipinti’s (Carl & Gloria) and Chin’s (Bob & Melissa) were at the gate awaiting our 2:00p.m. arrival.  Debbie McIntosh, Ken and I had carpooled to the Branch Metro Station and got off at the Dupont Circle Station.  Timing was pretty good but we were just a few minutes after 2:00 because we didn’t know the 1.5 mile hike was all uphill! 

We could not have asked for a better day in the weather forecast and it was delivered - - all was perfect for strolling and photographing the beautiful landscape nature allowed after such a harsh winter.  The rolling hills of the estate were lush in thick green grass and stone pathways that wind throughout several acres.  Decisions had to be made to determine which way to go and we had to loop back around to catch the missed terraces and gardens.  The flowers in abundant bloom included azaleas, tulips, allum, bluebells with a few peonies and others with promises of lots to come including more peonies and roses in the near future with mums and fall florals later.  The most magnificent bloom and aroma were given by the hanging wisteria from the many arbors and walls inside the gardens. 

By Robin HaiglerAlthough others were there taking in the beauty it wasn’t crowded and made for a very nice afternoon for photography - a perfect space for close-up and landscapes.  I know Debbie practiced with her macro lens, undoubtedly the Occhipintis will have some great post processing techniques on theirs and the Chins enjoyed the day.  I’m sure you can catch some photos from all on our Club Flikr site.

While we missed the Occhipinti’s at departure, the rest of us decided to stop for a bite to eat near the metro (glad to know it was all downhill this time!)  We came across a nice Greek cafe within the block of the metro station and enjoyed our time eating, resting and visiting with one another.  The small group was an invitation to get to know one another better . . . and make plans for carpooling on another photo trip.

I recommend you put this spot on your ‘places to go’ list - it is a nice gem almost hidden in the big city.  Hopefully, we will see and get to know you on our next trip.

April Meeting: The Business of Photography

Ursula Lawrence

Karl started the meeting by letting us know that this month’s photo trip to Eastern State Penitentiary was another great success, evidenced by the wonderful photos posted on the Club’s Flickr page.  Many thanks to Jeff for all he did to make the trip a great success!

We had a special guest this month, Mr. Carl Lancaster from the Bowie Crofton Camera Club, who generously invited our club to join BCCC on a field trip to New York City, which will take place June 13-15.

Some of the highlights of the trip include:

  • Manhattan skyline (he suggests Friday night will be a great time to photograph here)
  • Brooklyn sunset (suggested for Saturday night)
  • The Highline, a public park built on an old freight rail line elevated above Manhattan’s west side.
  • Our Lady of Guadaloupe at St. Bernard’s Church.
  • The Leica Gallery

Please feel free to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions about the trip.

Danny DouglasNext was the Treasurer’s report:  we currently have 63 paid members and have collected $105 in membership dues ($25 for individual/$35 for family), and our balance is $2073.

Our next photo trip will be on Saturday, May 3, to Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC..  This will be a great opportunity to take some photos for the next assignment, which is “Floral.”

Our guest speaker this month was Mr. Danny Douglas, a local professional photographer, who gave a very informative and entertaining presentation entitled “The Business of Photography.”  His number one suggestion?  Find your niche and follow your passion! The presentation was sent to all Club members by Karl last week.

Following the presentation we had a short break and slide show of photos from our photo assignments “Decay” and “Abstract.”  Following the break was Sandy Carr’s slideshow.  Many thanks to Sandy for her lovely photos!