Show and Share Meeting

Lisa Snider

The Calvert Photography Club met for its monthly meeting on Saturday, July 20, 2013. President Jeff Smallwood welcomed everyone, especially any visitors, and opened the meeting with our Club Business. 

Jeff at meetingEvents Coordinator Robbin Haigler was asked to provide a preview of coming club events. Robbin advised that there are still a few seats available for the August 3rd field trip, which is a “Lighthouses on the Chesapeake Bay” boat tour. She must e-mail our host by Friday, July 26th with the final head count, so if you are interested in attending, please e-mail Robbin directly. The cost is $25.00 per person.

Robbin is also actively planning the club’s annual picnic, which is scheduled this year for Saturday, September 7th at the Thomas Stone Historical site. There will be a guided tour of the site, and opportunities to shoot inside the house, as well as take pictures of the buildings and the grounds. Our host has agreed to keep the site open late just for us, and allow us to have our picnic dinner there. There will be a sign-up sheet for food. No electrical outlets are available, so this must be considered when planning what to bring.   

This get-together is designed as a “progressive shoot,” patterned after the progressive dinners model, whereby guests begin at one location, and then “move the party” to a second and third location throughout the evening. Our second stop will be at the Port Tobacco Village, where we will have an opportunity to take architectural pictures. Our final destination will be to historic St. Ignatius Church in Port Tobacco,  where we will have an opportunity to shoot sunset pictures. Club members may plan to join us for all or any part of the event. More information will be forthcoming. 
Jeff then discussed the club’s recent secondary meeting, featuring a critique session, which went well. As the critique site on FLICKR has not been as popular as originally thought, it has been decided that these “live” critique sessions will replace the on-line site, and will occur every 2 or 3 weeks. For those who are interested, the next critique session will be held on September 11th at the Fairview library.

Jeff also discussed the last photo shoot, at sunrise, which took place at Flag Ponds. It was another successful club trip, as evidenced by the beautiful photos he featured as he spoke.

With our business concluded, Jeff introduced our program for today – “Show and Tell,” featuring items brought in by 13 club members, and our guest, Mark Suban, a Senior Manager at Nikon, who was gracious enough to bring a wonderful selection of Nikon cameras and other gear for our club to see and ask questions about.

Prior to inviting our club members to see the various Show and Tell items on display, Jeff gave a wonderful presentation on “The Photographer’s Ephemeris.”  He showed exactly what the interface looks like, and did a great job of explaining exactly how and when to use it. Key points from his demo: you must be on-line to use it, and can use it anywhere in the world. The various lines showing the sun and moon rises and sets are color-coded, and indicate the following: the yellow line indicates where the sun will rise, the blue line shows where the moon will rise, the orange line shows the sunset, and the dark blue line shows the moonset.   

Club members were then invited to get up to view the displays, and interact with our Show and Tell volunteers, who included Mark Suban of Nikon, and club members Shaara, Robbin, Carl, Tammy, Bonnie, Jim, Courtney, Ed, Bruce, Spencer, Charlie, Mike and Jeff. Among the items or demos featured were Nikon cameras and gear, reflectors, samples of subway art and Shutterfly items to create with your images, lens and sensor cleaning demos, a lamp and wall hanging made from family heirloom slides, a double-strap for carrying two cameras, filters, a Gitzo tripod and beanbag camera support, an antique camera, a photographer’s personal collection of early photo equipment, flash mounts, a softbox, astro-photography equipment, a traveling photographer’s gear and bag for travel, a collection of Canon camera equipment, and DIY projects for shooting macro photography.

Nikon repWe thank Mark Suban of Nikon, for making a special trip to share his equipment and expertise with us, as well as our club members, who brought in such a wonderful array of interesting photography equipment and related products.

With our Show and Tell segment complete, our club members helped themselves to refreshments, as Jeff resumed the formal portion of our meeting. Next up was a discussion of the winners of the Solomon’s Island Visitor’s Center exhibit. 

Vice President Megan Snider facilitated the selection of the photos for the exhibit, and treated the club to a slide-show of the winning images. The images have been delivered to the visitor’s center, and the display should be set up this week.

This month’s photo assignment was “Long Exposures,” and three images were submitted by club members for critique. The club conducted the critique session, with Jim, Guy and Spencer offering their comments and suggestions on the images.

Nick Iascone was kind enough to present a slideshow of some of his work next, featuring a variety of interesting images, which he closed with a nod to the Beatles. We thank Nick for sharing his wonderful images with us. On the topic of slideshows, the club is in need of volunteers for future slideshow presentations. Everyone is encouraged to step up, and show their work.

In closing out this meeting, Jeff reminded everyone that our next meeting with be on Saturday, August 17th, and will feature the topic “Wildlife Photography,” presented by our club members Glenn and Ursula Lawrence.  Our shooting assignment will be “Minimalism,” which is addressed at the following web link.

Our secondary meeting will be held on August 28th at the Prince Frederick library at 7:30 p.m., where Jeff will address Lightroom techniques. Finally, talks are underway to have an October Photography Bootcamp, with club member T.O. as the coordinator. Help will be needed for set up, as well as volunteers for other duties. Watch for upcoming information on this event. 

As we prepare for our “minimalist” shooting assignment for next month, it is good to remember this quote of William Albert Allard, a photographer and writer who has been a major force at National Geographic and in mainstream photography for almost 50 years:

“What’s really important is to simplify. The work of most photographers would be improved immensely if they could do one thing: get rid of the extraneous. If you strive for simplicity, you are more likely to reach the viewer. ”