Mobile Photography

Lisa Snider

Our February meeting began with an introduction to the club of our host for today?s meeting, Dr. Richard Fleming, Vice President and Dean of the Prince Frederick Campus of the College of Southern Maryland. Dr. Fleming expressed his enthusiasm with our recent partnership, and thanked our club members for providing the photographs which are currently on exhibit in the two hallways of the main building. He further indicated that there may be an opportunity for our club to exhibit more photographs on the second floor of the building, as we continue our relationship with the college. 

The club enjoyed hearing about the college?s future expansion plans, including Dr. Fleming?s vision for the new building, currently under construction. Our club members were impressed with the meeting room we used today, and expressed our gratitude to Dr. Fleming for hosting us. CPC looks forward to continuing our partnership with CSM ? thank you Dr. Fleming!

Guy began the business portion of our meeting by reminding members about our partnership with the Solomon?s Island Visitor Center. It is now time for club members to submit photographs for the spring exhibit. Club members are asked to review their photo archives, and submit photographs of spring activities in Calvert County for evaluation, and possible selection. Six photographs will be selected for this display.

The new Board of Directors met in January to discuss and approve the upcoming year?s calendar of activities, including a planned photography workshop. Club members should watch the club calendar and e-mails for upcoming announcements.
Also approved at the Board of Directors meeting was the creation of two new club positions.  Robbin has agreed to act as our new Education Program Coordinator, helping Jeff to plan meetings, events and field trips, as well as to solicit input from club members. We thank Robbin for jumping right into the position with her recent announcements to club members. Watch for Robbin?s future e-mails and announcements of upcoming club news.

Spencer has agreed to be the club?s ?Library Coordinator.? Club members may borrow books through Spencer, and are encouraged to write a review of any holdings they borrow. 

Bonnie provided the Treasurer?s report, indicating that the club?s account balance as of this date is $194.02, with 33 paid members. Club members are reminded that it is now time to pay their dues for the 2012 year - $20.00 for individuals, and $30.00 for a family membership. Cash or checks should be paid by March 1 to Bonnie, and can be made out to the Calvert Photography Club.

Bonnie also supplied today?s snack, which we hope to have at each meeting this year. Interested members are encouraged to sign up to bring a snack of their choosing for one of the upcoming meetings. Bonnie will send out a reminder to those who sign up.

In concluding this portion of the program, Guy mentioned that while not an official club-sponsored activity, those who are interested in the Hobby Fair being held at the PD Brown Library should speak to Sandy, who is participating and has all of the information on it. 

Guy and Megan demo an iPhone appToday?s program was brought to us by Guy, ?Mobile Phone Photography.? He gave a wonderful introduction to the topic featuring a slideshow of club member?s submitted mobile phone photos, and discussed the broad and wide-spread appeal of this new genre of photography. Using information he gathered through a club member survey prior to the meeting and other data, he gave an informative talk about the pros of mobile phone photography including its small and handy size, convenience and ease of use, and relative good quality. Not to be forgotten, however, is that it is just plain fun! He mentioned the huge and active group on Flickr which is dedicated solely to mobile phone photography.

On the con side, Guy cited the poor lens quality, the small camera sensor, the poor low light performance, and the shutter delay. Guy concluded his discussion by suggesting that using mobile phones for photography is another way (in addition to our digital cameras) for photo enthusiasts to further their enjoyment of taking photographs.

Afterwards, Guy demonstrated how he uses his mobile phone to take pictures, and showed some of his favorite apps for enhancing and sharing them. Club members Megan and Tammy also spoke about their interest in mobile phone photography and shared the Apps they enjoy. Apps which were mentioned by Guy, Megan, and Tammy include Hipstamatic, PicFrame, Snapseed, Happy Shutter, Pixlr ?O? matic, Instagram, Color Splurge, Postcard-on-the-Run, Pudding Camera, and 360 Panorama. For more information on mobile phone photography, there are many good books and web sites available, including the book ?iphone Obsessed,? and the web site

Next up, Jeff introduced the new Flickr group the club is sponsoring, which members can join and elect to submit their photos for club member critique. As this is a private Flickr group, all club members will receive a personal invite to join the group, and then are encouraged to participate as they wish to. The goal is to provide constructive critiques that will lead participants to take better photographs. Club members Jim and Shaara are also working on this new critique committee, and touched on the value and importance of constructive critique. Further information on this topic will be provided at upcoming meetings. Instructions on how to submit photos to the Flickr group and participate in the critique comment thread can be found on the Flickr page, which club members can access after they accept the invitation to join the group. 
Looking ahead to next month, our meeting will be held on March 17, and the shooting assignment is ?On the Go,? to be interpreted as club members wish. Prior to that meeting, our field trip is scheduled for Saturday, March 3rd, when club members will meet in Leonardtown to shoot. Written information on the Leonardtown trip was provided at the meeting, and may also be found on the club?s web site.

Robbin also provided the club with a flyer announcing opportunities for the April photo trip. Club members may elect to register to take a Cherry Blossoms tour with a professional photographer, and a licensed tour guide, scheduled with Capital Photo History Tours. The tour will be held on Sunday, April 1 from 7:00-10:00 a.m., and will meet at the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Club members will receive a $30.00 discount off of the regular per person fee of $79.00. For further tour, registration and payment information, see Capital Photo History Tour?s web site, at For those wanting to take photos on their own, Jeff Smallwood will be organizing a second group of shooters, who will meet at the same location and time. 

We closed our meeting by sharing our January shooting assignment ? the topic was ?Frigid.? Members were invited to share their photographs and tell the story behind the images. While this winter has been anything but frigid, club members found clever and creative ways to depict this topic in their photographs.

February sunrise at the Cove Point Lighthouse

Lisa Snider

Photo by E. Guy StephensAs I stood on the beach in the predawn darkness, the cold wind biting my cheeks and hands, I looked off over the sand and water toward the horizon, where I saw ribbons of color appear. I stood in great anticipation, my Canon camera poised, waiting for the sun to rise. This was exciting - I would bear witness to the dawn of a new day, but in an entirely new way - a sunrise over the water - my first such experience. It wasn?t long before the sky brightened, and came alive.  Shades of pink, blue and orange hues set the skyline ablaze.  The colors changed by the minute, the scene was spectacular. Everywhere I looked, was a scene worthy of a postcard - the sun peaking out over the horizon, its reflection in the water then quickly rising, as though someone were pulling the cords on a shade to reveal its brillance.

As the darkness lifted, a veil of warm light drew down over the lighthouse, lightkeepers house, and fog signal building. I could not press the shutter button on my camera fast enough. “Thank goodness we are in the digital age,” I said - “I would have run out of film a long time ago.”

This was the scene at our early-morning sunrise shoot at Cove Point Lighthouse in Lusby, on Saturday, February 4. The Cove Point Lighthouse was built in 1828, and is Maryland?s oldest, continuously operating lighthouse.  While this shoot required me to rise early in Waldorf to make the trek down to Lusby (I was up by 4:15 a.m.), it was well worth it. The experience was a memorable one - the images I saw and recorded will be forever etched in my mind.

Photo by Lisa SniderWe had a wonderful turnout of both current and prospective members at the Lusby Park and Ride, and everyone was in good spirits, despite the early hour. We drove caravan style down to the lighthouse, parked, and then everyone scattered. In the early morning darkness, all that could be seen was the flash of camera bulbs - the only sound ? the clicking of shutters.  As the light ushered in a new day, shooters with tripods could be seen all around, littering the beach and grounds. Members enjoyed mingling with one another in between shots, sharing both photography tips and fellowship. Experienced shooters offered advice on aperture and shutter speed to those wanting to learn.  It was a fabulous trip, enjoyed by all.

Check out our photographs on our Flickr page, and join us on our next outing, the first Saturday in March. Until then, Happy Shooting!

New exhibit at the College of Southern Maryland

Lisa Snider

The Calvert Photography Club (CPC) is pleased to announce its collaboration with the College of Southern Maryland (CSM), Prince Frederick campus, in exhibiting photographs on the campus by CPC members. In late November, in preparation for the exhibit, two themes were selected for the photographs to be displayed - ?Daytime to Night? and ?Southern Maryland in Black and White.? Club members were invited to submit images for consideration for each of the themes. In December, ten images were selected for each theme, as determined by anonymous vote.  Participation by our club members was wonderful - 83 images were submitted by 15 members for the ?Daytime to Night? theme, and 52 images were submitted by 10 members for the ?Southern Maryland in Black and White? theme.

Images selected for exhibit for the ?Daytime to Night? theme were provided by Spencer Johnson, Jeff Smallwood, Guy Stephens, Lisa Snider and Margo Shrieves.  Images selected for the ?Southern Maryland in Black and White? theme were provided by 6 members - Reggie Bishop, Jeff Smallwood, Guy Stephens, Bonnie Bryant, Margo Shrieves and Allen Barth. Thanks to everyone for their participation, and congratulations to those whose photographs were selected.

Club members are encouraged to go by the main building of the CSM, Prince Frederick campus, to view the two exhibits. For those who cannot visit, please enjoy the slideshow of the selected photographs, found here:

Southern Maryland in Black and White

Day to Night


It is hoped that this will be just the first of many opportunities for exhibits by our club members at the college. Our thanks to Mr. Richard Flemming, of CSM, for providing this opportunity.