Cupcakes and Holiday Photography

Megan Snider

The Calvert Photography Club met the Saturday before Christmas for tips, techniques, sharing and cupcakes - always a crowd pleaser.

As the meeting got underway, member Jim shared photos from his 2008 trip to China. With lovely music to accompany his images, everyone agreed we had a lot to learn from this veteran photographer. His photos were stunning to see and beautifully captured.

December 2010 Meeting

After the slideshow, Megan gave a talk on holiday photography and shared some of her favorite shots taken so far during the holidays. In addition to photographing the standard Christmas events—opening presents; sitting down to a family dinner—Megan talked about the importance of capturing the tiny details to flesh out the ?story? of your holiday. Examples include favorite ornaments; beloved gifts opened by kids on Christmas morning; macro details of festive decorations. Think outside of the norm to get some truly unique holiday images to share for years to come.

Next up, Guy gave a wonderful presentation on shutter speed and different creative exposures, plus how to achieve them. Shutter speed should be manipulated, but introduces blurring when a camera is hand held. Prop your camera up on a sturdy surface, Guy suggested, or invest in a tall tripod or table-top tripod. When done creatively, shutter speeds can freeze action (like sports or water droplets) or slow it down (implying motion by showing movement). Guy encouraged all of us to try showing motion in our shots over the next month.

Our group assignment from November, food photography, got everyone?s mouths watering—as did the snowman chocolate-mint-chip cupcakes kindly provided by Lisa Stephens, Guy?s wife and master baker. Several members took an opportunity to photograph their cupcakes with the Prince Frederick Library?s Christmas tree in the background . . . and manipulate their shutter speed a bit, as per Guy?s advice.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of our club?s founding, we will be discussing topics for future meetings and developing an idea of what we?d like to share, talk about and learn in the coming year. Election results were finalized and announced, and the 2011 Board of Directors is:

  • Guy Stephens, president
  • Jeff Smallwood, vice president
  • Bonnie Bryant, treasurer
  • Megan Snider, secretary

Working tirelessly on the club?s behalf, Sandy Carr has been offered a position heading a new committee role as a public relations and marketing coordinator. Details are still being finalized for a possible club exhibit at the Fairview Library; additional news is forthcoming. E-mail Guy or Sandy photos depicting Calvert County for consideration in the exhibit.

Our December assignment is holiday photography—so print your best Christmas shots to share at our next meeting at 10 a.m. on Jan. 15 at the Fairview Library.