Robert Tinari talks about autumn photo opportunities

Megan Snider

Robert TinariThe Calvert Photography Club benefited greatly from a talk given by local photographer Robert Tinari, special guest speaker at our October meeting. With years of experience and an interesting perspective on both the creative and financial aspects of photography, Robert was an engaging presenter—and we enjoyed hearing his tips for taking better fall photos.

Among his creative advice for photographing in autumn, Robert shared these tips:

  • Overcast days are the best for shooting leaves. Direct sunlight on fall foliage is not your friend.
  • Don’t be afraid to toy with the color settings on your camera. “It’s not cheating,” Robert says. These effects were once achieved by adding filters to film cameras, so the color settings are merely the digital incarnation of that technique.
  • Adjust your photo’s histograms in Photoshop or other editing software after you’ve taken your shot. By dragging the black a little to the right and the white a little left, your pictures will begin to “pop.” (This can also be achieved by adjusting midtone contrast.)
  • The best time for photographing fall foliage is morning or evening—especially the “golden hour” before sunset.
  • For different shots, take your camera out after rain or storms. Look for frosty mornings, too, or early morning fog.

The club then shared photos from their September assignment: “opposites.” After members presented his or her photos and explained their thought processes, Robert offered constructive criticism. We then viewed each other’s pictures and chatted about each interpretation of what proved to be a challenging theme.

Guy discussed upcoming elections for the board and asked for volunteers for a nominating committee. Megan, Spencer and Sandy agreed to choose nominees for each of the four positions up for grabs: president; vice president; treasurer; and secretary. They will discuss nominees privately and present them at the November meeting. Business cards were also distributed by Guy, who asked members to keep them handy for distribution to potential members. We also chatted about the possibility of alternative meeting spaces for 2011, including a local church contacted by Sandy. For the time being, members agreed to keep our meetings between the Prince Frederick and Fairview libraries, if possible—and for alternative arrangements to be made as needed.

Though the color in Southern Maryland is still amping up, our next shooting assignment is “fall foliage.” Come prepared with photos to share at our Nov. 20 meeting at the Fairview library in Owings.

Food, Photos and Fun

Megan Snider

It was all cupcakes, Canons, Nikons (and a Pentax!) at Teddie Watts? White Sands home on Oct. 2. Calvert Photography Club members gathered to chat, eat and enjoy the gorgeous scenery overlooking St. John?s Creek on a gorgeous autumn afternoon.

Great day at the club picnicAfter cutting into dishes including chili, hash brown casserole, broccoli salad, chicken satay with peanut sauce and a beautiful Nikon cake made by Lisa Stephens, eleven members and their families passed the day on Teddie?s deck and benches lining her wooded property, which offered several views of the creek.

While some ventured down to a nearby dock for fishing or setting up equipment, others were content to hang back and watch the light play on the creek. It didn?t take long for the sun to sink below the horizon, offering members great views of the sunset on the water and nearby Vera?s White Sands. Colored lights sprung to life, documented by member Guy Stephens in several shots.

A fun day that, for many, was a welcome respite from a busy and often chaotic life.

Nikon cake by Lisa of Imagine It Iced“I feel like I?m on vacation!” said member Lisa Snider, lounging with some of the delicious “party food” brought by attendees.

And after one of Megan?s key lime cupcakes (or two), the vacation atmosphere was hard to mask.

Thanks to Teddie for the warm welcome, beautiful home and festive environment. We couldn?t have asked for a better way to wind down an eventful summer!