New Photography Club in Calvert County

Guy Stephens

Prince Frederick, Maryland - A new photography club was established in Calvert County and officially adopted operating bylaws March 27, 2010.  The group began meeting in January following in the footsteps of a previous camera club that ceased operations in Fall of 2009.  The group begins with a mission to promote the interests of photographers by bringing together those who are interested in helping each other produce better pictures,  as well as to educate, encourage, and expand the photographic knowledge and capabilities of its members.  The group begins with an unofficial membership of just under twenty photography enthusiast ranging in experience from amateurs to professional.  The group elected an initial board of directors that includes:

  • Teddie Watts -  President
  • Guy Stephens - Vice President
  • Sandy Carr - Treasurer
  • Megan Snider - Secretary

The group current plans to meet once a month for regular meetings and plans to take monthly field trips.  Anyone with a passion for photography that lives in the Southern Maryland area should consider joining the Calvert Photography Club. The club offers several types of membership.  For more information see the group’s website at:

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