Membership meetings are currently held the third Saturday of each month and usually at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Prince Frederick. Feel free to drop in on a meeting - membership is not required to join us at a meeting.

What is a typical meeting like?

Meeting activitiesIn a typical meeting we may discuss club business, have a featured presentation and share photos. Generally there are one or two featured presentations each meeting. Presentations vary in topic and sometimes include guest speakers. Some past presentations have included:

Through membership surveys we have identified many future topics as well. Some of the things on our short list for future meetings include:

  • Panning
  • Understanding Exposure
  • Calibration
  • Aperture (Software)
  • RAW or JPG
  • Light Modifiers
  • Panoramic photography
  • Cleaning a DSLR Sensor

Additionally your ideas and suggestions are always welcome - so please come join us!

Saturday Meeting - Photography Best Practices – Gary Scribner (July 15, 2017) - Location: College of Southern Maryland, Building A Room 236 115 Prince William Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

TOPIC: Photography Best Practices – Gary Scribner Gary will talk about "best practices" when it comes to photography. He'll share his experience from his recent trip to the Dakotas along with other photo trips. Gary can be found online at ScribbleImages Photography and on Flickr at scribbleimages.
PHOTO THEME: Motion Blur
SLIDE SHOW: Sandy Carr

Wednesday Meeting - Photography Walk-In Clinic (June 28, 2017) - Have a question about your camera? Lighting? Posing? Gear? Maybe it's a question about your editing software, software you are interested in, or post processing tips. Whatever your question we are here to help you grow as a photographer regardless of where you are in your photography journey.

"Mentoring is a time honored method for passing on decades of learned information from one person to another. Not only can you learn a specific topic, finding a mentor can bring growth to other aspects of your art you were never aware of. It’s also great to know there is someone who has your best interest at heart and will give you candid, honest feedback while helping yor improve. " ....Martin Gommel
Things to bring (but not required)
Bring your Questions and...
Your camera with a charged battery and cards
Camera manual
Laptop with editing software (lightroom or photoshop/pse)
Card reader to copy images from your camera into your editing tool
Any additional gear you might want help with

Saturday Meeting (June 17, 2017) - TOPIC: Understanding your Aperture and Shutter – Karl Barth

Last month club president Karl Barth talked about taking control of your camera. This month, Karl will talk about controlling the aperture and shutter speed on your camera. Club members can bring their cameras but it’s not needed for the presentation.

Saturday Meeting - TOPIC:  Understanding your camera and settings – Karl Barth (May 20, 2017) - M E E T I N G

10:00am - 12:30pm
Saturday, May 20, 2017
College of Southern Maryland, Building A Room 236
115 Prince William Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
*There are 2 buildings on this campus. There are letters (A and B) on the top corners of each building to identify them. Building A is the building you see as you enter the parking lot near the circle (round-a-bout).
TOPIC: Understanding your camera and settings – Karl Barth
Are you a new photographer looking to get more out of your camera? Is there a setting on your camera you have questions about? In our May meeting, Club President Karl Barth will go over basic and advanced camera settings to help you get more out of your camera and become a better photographer.
Club members are encouraged to bring their cameras along with their camera manual.
You can see Karl’s work on Flickr
PHOTO THEME: “Can You See Me?”
Photos will be shared as we vote for May’s top 3 images. - Please send your entries via email to Karl Barth on or before noon on Wednesday, May 17th. Please attach your image to the email instead of copying and pasting your image into the body of the email.
2 Entries per member
Image size: no more than 1500 pixels on the longest side. Email them as an attachment (not a copy and paste) SLIDE SHOW: TBA
4th WEDNESDAY MEETING: May 24th Fairview Library 7:00 p.m. Topic TBA
JUNE TRIP (6/3): Boat Trip/Sunset - Evening Cruise out of St. Jerome’s Creek past Point-No-Point Lighthouse. Fee: $30/person. Learn more at May’s meeting and watch for your Whoozin invite!
1. We are now accepting membership dues (check or cash) for the 2017 year. Individuals: $25.00; Families: $35.00
2. CPC HATS with EMBROIDERED LOGO ($18) are available for purchase at Saturday’s meeting!

Saturday Meeting - TOPIC:  Using Off Camera Flash – Sharon Shifflett (April 15, 2017) - TOPIC: Using Off-Camera Flash – Sharon Shifflett Sharon’s love of photography started while documenting her family and friends lives. She made the leap to a DSLR shortly after her grandchildren were born when her current equipment couldn’t keep up with their fast movements. The DSLR gave her the ability to capture those candid shots, often in low light, where fast movements and expressions of joy and fun abound. Sharon believes that learning never stops and her work continues to evolve through her commitment to multiple learning outlets. Join us as she takes us through understanding off camera flash.

PHOTO THEME: Fairytale Moments - DUE DATE (April 12, 2017) - Photos will be shared as we vote for the top 3 images. Please forward them to Karl Barth on or before noon on Wednesday, April

TOPIC:  Adding a Sense of Depth to Your Photos - Patti Hankins (February 18, 2017) - Patty primarily photographs flowers in their natural environments – parks, gardens, and conservatories and does her best to leave each flower as beautiful for the next person who sees it as it was when she first saw it. In 2002, after getting a Master’s Degrees in Public Policy and History and working for several years as a grassroots activist, Patti acquired a new digital camera and rediscovered her love of photography. For me, the flexibility and freedom of digital photography meant I could finally create the photographs I had always envisioned.

You can view Patti's Work at
Event Location: College of Southern Maryland, Building A Room 236 115 Prince William Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Wednesday Meeting (January 25, 2017) - Presentation on Photoshop

Saturday Meeting - TOPIC:  Photoshop - Hands on with Carl Occhipinti (January 21, 2017) - Our 3rd in the series, we are pleased to announce that Carl will join us to help peel back the layers and learn more photoshop features. Bring your laptop with Photoshop installed. If you don’t have a laptop or one with PS installed, plan to buddy up with other members to learn. You may want to bring an extension cord with you, and if you have a power strip/power splitter, please bring that as well. You can view Carl’s Work on Flickr at Carl Occhipinti - LzGuy76

4th Annual Who? What? When? Mini Workshop (January 07, 2017) - Mini Workshop

Saturday Meeting - Travel Photography with David Blecman (December 17, 2016) - David, local photographer out of Annapolis, a member of the Professional Photographers of America, started his photographic career fresh out of high school in 1978, and before turning twenty, he was named Photo Editor of the county newspaper. After many years of shooting weddings and such, he started Positive Negatives in 1997, and concentrated more into the commercial photography arena. He is now an internationally recognized photographer and instructor, having taught in over a dozen countries to photographers, models, and makeup artists. David hosts workshops in the states and abroad. His international travel photography has taken him to Italy, Israel, Croatia, Egypt and Greece.

4th Wednesday Meeting (October 26, 2016) - Fall Critique

See calendar for event details