Photo Trip - Cove Point Lighthouse (Sunrise)

February 04, 2012 6:00 am

Photo Trip - Cove Point Lighthouse (Sunrise)Sunrise and sunset are some of the best times of the day to take pictures. Yes it will be cold and yes it will be early but the sunrise seldom disappoints.

Sunrise can be an absolutely beautiful time to take photos and location makes a huge difference.  We have received permission from the Calvert Marine Museum to visit Cove Point Lighthouse (not the one on the museum grounds,  the one out on the Chesapeake Bay). The lighthouse is closed this time of year and is normally never opened early in the morning during the summer but the museum director has given us permission to visit.

On Saturday, we will meet at the park-and-ride in Lusby where Cove Point Rd and Rt 765 intersect. If you’re traveling on Rt. 4, just turn onto Cove Pt. Road and the parking lot will be on your right just before you hit the light. The lighthouse property has a locked gate so it is best if we all meet at a specific point ahead of time, then drive down together. Drive times to this parking lot are approx 20 minutes from Prince Frederick (about 14 miles) and about 8 minutes from Solomons (~5 miles) so plan to leave your house accordingly.

Be at that park-and-ride by 6:00 am and we will leave as a group promptly at 6:00. We should be able to get down to the lighthouse, through the gate, and get situated within about 10 minutes. Sunrise is at exactly 7:08am, that gives us about 40 minutes of pre-dawn time to shoot. You can leave the shoot whenever you need, the gate will automatically open for cars as they exit the grounds. How long we stay and shoot is up to us.

If you’ve never shot sunrise before, I think the biggest thing to remember is to prepare your gear and thoughts ahead of time (charge batteries, pack bag, etc) and to move quick once you’re there. If the clouds are just right, the scene can change drastically from minute to minute.

I highly recommend extremely warm clothes because we’ll be along the water with air temps in the 30s. I also recommend boots or older shoes if you want to get out on the beach. If you have wide angle lenses, bring them too.

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Please note, I need to stress we will leave the parking lot to head down to the lighthouse promptly at 6:00, so plan to be in your car ready to drive down at 60:0 sharp. Arrive early if you need to, but we will need to drive down as a group. If you get stuck at the light when we leave don’t worry. Just drive down to the lighthouse entrance and you’ll get in.