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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall transact all routine club business, in addition to performing the duties specifically outlined in the Bylaws and generally determine club policy.

Karl Barth

Karl BarthI've always had an interest in photography but I didn’t get seriously involved until I inherited my grandfather’s Nikon D40 several years ago. It was my first SLR and I still use it today. It goes everywhere I go. You never know when there will be that perfect moment to capture.

I primarily shoot for fun but I have done some photo shoots on the side. Since acquiring the Nikon D40, I've learned so much about photography from reading books, learning from photographers, and taking a lot of pictures.

I joined the Calvert Photography Club in 2012. Since attending that first meeting, I’ve enjoyed interacting with this great group of photographers at the meetings or on photo trips. It’s amazing to see how much this club has grown.

Outside of photography, I’m a husband and father of two great kids. In my full time job I work in Washington, DC at the IRS as a desktop computer specialist. Even though I live in Upper Marlboro, I grew up in Calvert County and I’m amazed at how much this county has grown. I hope to move back to this great county someday.

Anik Sales

Vice President
Anik SalesAnik Sales is a published, self-taught, fine art photographer based in Maryland. Much of her inspiration comes from words, ideas, and stories, which bring a sense of fiction to her art. Her projects range from fine art landscape, portrait, and still-life photography. Her work has been featured in Photography Masterclass Magazine and online websites. The Charlotte Hall Veterans home features five pieces from her private collection which adorn the walls of their hallways. She specializes in capturing and retouching images with natural light using actions and textures.

Gloria Occipinti

Gloria OccipintiI have been interested in photography since high school and decided to take some photography classes when I became a Freshman at Charles County Community College (now College of Southern Maryland) in 1979. I actually met my husband there while both of us were working in the darkroom one day and I kept running into him (literally) in the dark! I guess it was fate! I continued to take photographs over the years, especially after our daughter was born in 1988 and continued, eventually going from film to digital, until she would no longer allow me to take any pictures of her! Fortunately, I still have other subject matter to cover including vacation pictures, pets, and just about anything else I find of interest.

I became interested in learning Photoshop around the time digital photography started to become popular. Though it took a while, I finally convinced my husband that Photoshop was the way to go and so he too became a fan and has far surpassed me in his knowledge and proficiency of digital editing. We joined the Calvert Photography Club in 2012 and it has really helped me to grow as a photographer. The guest speakers at club meetings, monthly photo trips, and especially the interaction with other photographers has all been invaluable to me. I use a Nikon D-700 (recently upgraded from a D-200). But I also find myself taking pictures with my IPhone a lot since that is the camera I always have with me! And there are a number of cool apps that I have begun experimenting with as well.

I live in Waldorf with my husband. I work for USDA, Rural Development, where I have worked since 1983. Besides photography, I love to work in the yard, read, and especially to travel (but always with my camera – I mean, what’s the point otherwise!)

Sandy Carr

Sandy Carr

In the winter of 2009 Sandy contacted members of a previous photography club to see if anyone was interested in starting a new club. She organized the initial meeting of the Calvert Photography Club and currently serves as the clubs treasurer. Sandy said that her love of photography came late in life. "I guess I get it from my Dad. He was forever taking pictures of the kids or the mountains in upper New York state."

As an amateur photographer Sandy says she want to explore everything. Her passion lies in capturing the ever changing images of water. At the moment she owns a Canon Rebel XSI DSLR and a digital Nikon P100. Sandy said her favorite photographer is Ansel Adams.